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Latest technologies used in Kidneyline Healthcare

KIDNEY LINE HEALTH CARE was born out of the need for a good centre which catered to patients with complicated kidney diseases in Ahmedabad. It is a judicious blend of high end technology, world class expertise and outstanding personalized care. With time it has become best kidney hospital in Ahmedabad. Dr. Shailesh Shah has been awarded best kidney doctor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Kidneyline kidney hospital with all facilities under one roof provides for greater efficiency in meeting the overall needs of a patient.

And now for over 20 years Kidneyline Healthcare has been the beacon of light for those suffering from Kidney diseases.

Kidneyline hospital brought first Turkish Lithotripter in Gujarat & now Kidneyline Hospital introduces 1st installation of German made Dornier Compact Sigma in Gujarat. At Kidneyline we follow USG & X-ray controlled electromagnetic urology . Several claimed, but truth is 1st Holmium laser was from Kidneyline hospital 8 years back. Now we believe in ‘KAIZER’ – A Green light laser. 1st Dantac in Gujarat was also brought by Kidneyline hospital & now in Gujarat the 1st Dorado KT video Urodynamics is launch by Kidneyline hospitals.

Following machines and treatments are available in Kidneyline:
Advance Technology
Green Light Laser
Dornier Compact Sigma
Flexible Scope
Advanced Urodynamic Centre
Urinary Stone
Kidney Cancer
Enlarged Prostate
Urethral Stricture
Uretric Stricture
Erectile Dysfunction
Female Urinary
Incontinence Renal Failure



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