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Patient Information  

Kidneyline, now a part of BODYLINE HOSPITALS is located in central part of Ahmedabad easily accessible from Airport, Railway Station and State Bus Depot.

As professionals, we understand the importance of the environment around the hospital and its impact on patient’s health..Hence, BODYLINE is in a quiet residential area, with world class architecture giving priority to cleanliness, lighting, greenery and ventilation.
Approach of treatment

After registration on reception, patient will be seen by a specialist.The medical officer will take patient’s history and inform Dr. Shailesh A. Shah about the case. Further investigations will be suggested if required.

BODYLINE HOSPITAL has in-house investigations facilities. You will not have to go outside for investigations.

After primary investigations/reports

After all the primary investigation reports are available, Dr. Shailesh Shah will examine the patient in detail and perform further Diagnostic tests if required. Subsequently patient will be given conservative treatment or advised surgery as per the case.

The word surgery sends shivers but one should not panic.Dr. Shailesh Shah has immense experience of 25 years and will provide you all the information about the surgery.

Be rest assured.

Surgical Charges

Kidneyline Healthcare has various packages available for each type of surgery to suit all pockets. You can get more information about the surgical charges and allied charges from Mr. Alok Singh in accounts department.
Mediclaim & Cashless Treatments

Mediclaim patients can avail cash-less treatment in Kidneyline Healthcare by submitting their policy to Mr. Alok Singh. It takes 24-48 hours from Insurance company to give permission for treatment. After permission from Insurance company, operation will be carried out. Meanwhile emergency treatments are given to patients.
Alternative options of surgery at low cost

Patients with lower income, can avail help upto Rs. 5000/- from Snehlata Anantray Shah Memorial Charitable Trust associated with Kidneyline Healthcare. For more details contact Mr. Alok Singh in accounts department.
Food & Clothes for admitted patients

Kidneyline Healthcare provides all the meals to patients free of charge. Patients need not bring food from home. However if patient desires, they are allowed to bring food from home.

Also, admitted patients will be provided a WELCOME KIT by BODYLINE HOSPITALS for their comfort.

Patients are provided clean ironed clothes daily after a sponge bath.

  Home Services About Hospital Contact Us Site Map